New Album


This CD contains the music of a room-filling, site specific sound installation with a compositional structure and external design which work together to suggest the original historical function of the building. The music is divided into three thematic sections, which refer to the borderline psychological experiences associated with the chapel’s past.
Sounds picked up from the immediate environment by a microphone, are relayed via a customized high voltage amplifier to insulated contact plates which form the seat and back of the Electroacoustic Chair. The input signal from the microphone is transformed into a high voltage potential which has the possibility to be experienced as an electric shock on making contact with the chair. The work gives physical presence to the dimension of sound and explores the persecutory effects of environmental noise. [more]
With "Meditationen 1/2" Wolfram Spyra releases one of the most beautiful electronic CDs of the new year. I only knew him from his short contribution to the "First decade" sampler of the MANIKIN label. All the more positive was my impression of these long pieces. Already the opener consists of gentle and at the same time very sparse sound waves without rhythm background, reminiscent of autumnal foggy days by the sea. The impression is reinforced by rippling drops and a brittle piano melody in the last third of the piece, until the surf, bongo sounds and bird calls create a paradoxical mood at the end. [more]
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