The exhibition "Little Garden of Sounds 22" in the Nachrichtenmeisterei at Kassel Hauptbahnhof will be extended by one week (i.e. until 14.8.2022) due to its great success! [more]

"Little Garden of Sounds 22"

Release Party

News: Spyra´s Future Classic Album LGOS 22 will officially be released on the 22.7.22 with an exclusive event featuring a quadraphonic loudspeaker system, special live appearances by international musicians from other bands, a church bell installation, magic plants in ever changing light atmospheres, ambient dinks and an after show dance party at Franz Ulrich Club ( next door!
First, the light-emitting rotating laser is set into motion. Then the audience is asked to push the sound pedestals around, turn them or distribute them on the surface, paying attention to what happens next. The rest takes place according to the self-regulating laws of chaos and order without further external intervention... [more]
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