Little Garden of Sounds 22

A seven part sound exhibition which runs for fifty days during documenta 15. The garden environment in which the show is mounted not only posed questions concerning the context in which art is shown, but also offers space for communicative collision. A garden motif is used both in the presentation of the sonic installations and in the adapted sonic objects displayed, eg: wheelbarrow, plant sound generator & sun-soundloungers.

A series of experimental performances will run during the evening throughout the duration of the exhibition. 

Additional dates:
Do 11.8.22 / 14.30h - 21h
Fr 12.8.22 / 14.30h - 21h
Sa 13.8.22 / 14.30h - 20h
from 20h - open end Session with Wolfram Spyra, Bernd Michael Land, Robert Golla, Till Mertens and Udo P. Leis
Nachrichtenmeisterei (backyard garden), Franz-Ulrich-Str.14-19, 34119 Kassel
2.7. – 7.8. 2022, Thursdays - Sundays 14.30 - 21h
Supporting / building team
Udo P. Leis, Mike Schöffel, Mark Kröll, Sebastian Fleiter, Stefan Kemna, Michael Wagner
Supported by Kulturamt Kassel
In collaboration with: "The Electric Hotel" by Sebastian Fleiter
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