Green House FX

Collaborative project with artists Palka & Miller exploring the relation between sonic art, performative objects and contemporary environmental issues. A white-painted diesel engine is placed on a plinth within a sealed greenhouse. The engine is left to run over a period of 20 min. during which time the engine chokes on its own exhaust gases. The rhythmic sounds of the engine running and finally expiring, are electronically modified and amplified through a PA system of approx. 5 kW resulting in an acoustic inferno. 

The project aims to dramatise, through sonic and visual representations, the theme of current consumer unsustainability.

Sonic Performance Installation
Greenhouse, diesel engine, contact microphones,
live electronics, PA.
Kulturbahnhof, Kassel; Millenium Square, Coventry
Supported by
Coventry University & commissioned by Caricatura
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