Little Garden of Sounds

A fourteen part sound exhibition which ran for one hundred days during documenta 10 & 11. The garden environment in which the show was mounted not only posed questions concerning the context in which art is shown, but also offered a space for communicative collision. A garden motif was used both in the presentation of the sonic installations and in the adapted sonic objects displayed, eg: wheelbarrow, water butt, flowerpots & sunlounger.

A series of experimental performances and headphone concerts ran during the evening throughout the duration of the exhibition. 

Dock 4 (backyard garden), Kassel
Supported by:
Kulturamt Kassel, Sennheiser
Supporting team:
Udo P. Leis, Jo Mar Gardena, Jonathan & Mikola Debik
Building team:
D. Schöpff, Udo P. Leis, M. Wagner, H. Taberi, Matthias Rexforth, Stefan Kemna,
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