My Little Garden of Sounds

 – self-published

‘Future of the Past’ is still a regular in my CD player, so imagine my enthusiasm when two more Spyra releases dropped onto the door mat. "Der Spyra" as he is credited on the sleevenotes is again pictured amongst an impressive combination of old and new technology, and the sound he produces is very much in that league. By the looks of it the music was composed for a 100 days exhibition in Germany featuring "serious listening & sound sculptures". The 6 pieces are split into ‘Zone A’ and ‘Zone B’, with the 12 minute ‘Seeds’ getting the album off to a brilliant start with pulsing bass beat and magnificent filtered sequencing.

Again the production qualities are expansive with every nuance and effect jumping from the speakers. ‘Subterranean Gardens’ signals a change of approach with drifting synth lines backed by minimalistic electronic effects. ‘Le Chant des Fleurs’ features a shuffling laid back beat with plenty of added colour provided by motifs and atmospherics. ‘Zone B’ starts with ‘Seasons’, at 23:25 very much the feature track of the album - and what a corker it is! It bristles with fantastic electronic rhythmics, reminiscent of Banco de Gaia’s sequencer epics on ‘Last Train to Lhasa’. Secure all loose objects because the bass gets vicious at times, and its the type of piece which really does transport you to places far and wide. The remaining pieces again change course into more atmospheric territory, however for me the sequencer outings offer most. ‘Seeds’ and ‘Seasons’ produce 35 mins of unmissable 90’s EM. (GG, Neu Harmony)

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Subterranean gardens
Le Chant des Fleurs
Supernatural Gardens
The Parc de la Vie
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