Round Table

The sound installation "Round table" was built by Wolfram DER Spyra in spring 1997. It is a communication place for six people, offering them alltogether the absolute unique and stunning effects like the patent- pended "P. A. S. S. - System. Its skeleton consists of a massive round steel plate with four legs (Design: Matthias Rexforth). The plate has a diameter of 1,10 meters. In its middle , there is a dummy head - microphone that receives the sounds of the surrounding area, especially the voices of the people sitting around the table. All these sounds are changed by a very special multi - effect unit and passed on to the users`ears via sound - proof headphones. Using a remote-control, it is possible to choose among ten different effects (such as reverbation, delay, pitch shifter, reverse, distortion and so on).

The Round table was first shown in the exhibition "My little garden of sounds". More than 10.000 people have experienced this work of art and its extraordinary effect on their aural reception. In a guest book, many visitors described the Round table as the "best and most interesting work of art of the whole documenta X", although the exhibition was just a part of the local documenta support programme. Since then, it travelled around Germany and Europe to be shown at different art exhibitions, but also to stimulate the communication on public- and techno-events.

The 2003 - version of the "Round table" offers brand new effects through physical voice modelling technology. In addition to the fx mentioned above it can change the character of voices completely. It is even possible to change a female voice to a man ́s voice. Be sure that this is a sensational experience!!

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