Sound Lounger

Material: Relaxing chair (Design: Karasek, Vienna), upholstered with alcantara or fine leather, high quality bass shakers, modified amplifier with frequency crossover, headphones or phoenix 3D-surround speakers, cd player.

Every inch of your skin contains a big number of tactile sensors that are much more sensitive to deep frequencies than your ears ever could be. - The music of all aboriginal cultures knows about methods to put the whole body into resonance... a theme that most of us only know from the telly. - But we sometimes feel that the loss of the embodied harmony of deeply felt music that fully captures and stimulates all of our senses is in fact one of the reasons for the constant discontentment of us people in the western world.

The SOUND LOUNGER brings back the quality of the deepest and maybe most direct sensation of music: VIBRATION !

It stands to reason that the spinal cord directly transmits sensual perceptions like heat, cold, pressure and vibration directly to the "primitive"regions of our brain. This implies that the subharmonic tuning from the SOUND LOUNGER can reach the emotional part of your brain in an absolutely immediate and intensive way, where "normal" music transmission can only scratch at the surface...

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