Sound installation: steel sheets, sound transducers, composed sound. Various locations including, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel; World Heritage Ctr. Voelklinger Huette; Sveti Toma, Croatia. An electronically generated sound composition is transferred to concave steel plates via sonic transducers. The metal transforms the signals by adding material specific qualities such as resonance frequencies and reverb. As a consequence of the degree of tension and oxidation present, each plate emanates a unique permutation of the sonic input. In this way the role of the steel plates is analogous to that of instrumental players within the context of classical composition. The work forms part of an ongoing investigation into the nature of the unique and its relationship to the technologies of recording and reproduction. Klangoxidation inverts the usual progression of such a relationship by proceeding from the reproducible to the unique.

Curated by
Rene Block, Barbara Heinrich, Tobias Berger, Regina Baerthel, Museum Fridericianum Kassel
Thanks to
Udo P. Leis for designing & welding the steel frames
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