Little Garden of Sounds 2022

 – self-published

"Arguably the finest and purest album of its kind to follow in the footsteps of the analog years, MY LITTLE GARDEN OF SOUNDS 2022 is a pure masterpiece of contemporary electronic music (EM) that has no desire to deny its grandiose past…

Perhaps the most beautiful tribute to Klaus Schulze comes from the left field. From the nimble hands and the creativity of Wolfram der Spyra. In a completely unexpected sequel to what many fans of the German synthesizer-musician consider his best work, MY LITTLE GARDEN OF SOUNDS 2022 literally immerses the listener in the intricate structures of a Berlin School refreshed from a new fountain of youth. Composed in the context of an exhibition of interactive sound sculptures, these two works by Spyra are intimately linked even though they are 25 years apart.

Unlike My Little Garden of Sounds1997, the sound sculptor from Eschwege uses here analog synthesizers and sequencers that give richness and warmth to rhythms that progress from atmospheric to violent spasmodic jolts in textures where his typical Techno confronts the ascending processions of the Berlin School. But the real strength of this album lies in the magnificent solos that Spyra unfolds with the same tenderness as a gardener caressing his garden…"

Syllvain Lupari / ( June 24th, 2022)

Non Disperdere nell'Ambiente Pt.III
Flowers Under the Snow
Non Disperdere nell'Ambiente Pt.IV
The Storm of the Garden Gnomes
49 Words for Paradise
The Secret Door
Polyphonic Plants
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