P.A.S.S. is a portable unit that changes all sound events in realtime. The user wears a special sound-proof headphone with built-in microphones, a bagpack that contains the electronic devices, and a remote-control to change the sound-programmes, such as delay, reverbation, pitch-shift (up & down), distortion, frequency- and amplitude modulation, filtering, backwarding, and combinations and variations of the above. Using this system, you will sense your acoustic surroundings like you never did before!

Imagine: You walk through the city and the cars will sound like spacecrafts, you can have dinner in a small restaurant that seems to be a big cathedral, the street musician will sing like Mickey Mouse, and your neighbour`s dog will bark backwards. But that`s not all; since you can connect two (or more) headphones to each system, you can walk together with a friend, experience the totally new world of future sonix together, and the best is, that even your voices will be changed! You can discuss philosophical questions with the voice of Darth Vader, you can chat about the latest film like you were still in the cinema, or just talk nonsense, sing, laugh, shout with incredibly sounding voices.

With the P.A.S.S. you can create your own soundscape within your "normal" world!

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