Transit - No. 7

Part of a Cultural Exchange Project between 20 artists from Germany and Eastern Europe in which each artist was allocated in a room within an abandoned 1950's hotel. The installation focused on the transient nature of the given space. A series of chemical bottles, illuminated from below, were filled with various liquids including gasoline, blood, urine, oil, etc. and attached to the wall by silicone infusion pipes as through extracting the invisible presence of the room's former occupants. Located within an inaccessible bathroom were loudspeakers producing a standing wave and voice/musical-box fragments, hinting at insomnia and the restless internal replay of the day's events. 

Sound & Light Installation
Chemical bottles, liquids, light, composed sounds.
Hotel Hessenland, Kassel.
Sponsored by
German Federal Office of Culture & Kulturamt, Kassel
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