Steel vs. Steel

This piece represents one part of a series of works focusing on' the sonic properties of steel. Contact microphones are attached to Bow Chimes - an experimental steel instrument - the resulting sound being relayed through live electronics to three Klangbleche located at the opposite side of the gallery space. 

The dimension of unpredictability and complexity introduced by the Klangbleche establishes a dialogue between artist and steel. The loss of control by the artist over the creative outcome of the piece, embodies the process of creativity as such.

Performance Installation
with Bow Chimes, live electronics, Klangbleche.
Sveti Toma Galerija, Croatia, Annebergparken Chapel, Nykøbing, Denmark
Sponsored by
Rovinj Art Programme, Croatia.
Thanks to Bob Rutman for his innovation of The Bow Chimes
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