Media Technology (1) - Hör-Raum

Technical equipment for museums and cultural spaces is also part of Wolfram DER Spyra's field of activity. Here in the “Friedensräume Lindau”, he has equipped the fantastically designed sound furniture by Kassel designer Stefan Kemna with media technology, so that the audio compositions created by the musicologist Dr Mirijam Streibl reach the open ears of the visitors.

Special thanks go to the "invisible" technician Michael Wagner, a substantial member of our team! With great creativity, he creates marvels of analogue and digital technology that are tailor-made and can meet the needs of any customer at the highest level of sound quality, whether from the entertainment, education, art or museum sector!

Sound Furniture Design by
Stefan Kemna
Sound Compositions by
Dr. Mirjam Streibl (
Friedensräume Lindau (
Custom built electronics by:
Michael Wagner
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