Conductor´s Station

Did you ever feel the urge to conduct... maybe even to conduct an orchestra? Well, if you ́re not a conductor, your chances are narrow! Even if you go to to the "Haus der Musik" in Vienna and try their "Virtual Conductor", you will most likely be disappointed, because the orchestra will sooner or later refuse to follow your "inspirational" style and simply stop to play, telling you that you ́re a bloody amateur!

With Spyra ́s CONDUCTOR ́S STATION, you can learn how to become a pro! Though you may not able to speed up or slow down the orchestra, you can use ure conductor ́s stick to listen to all orchestral groups separately or in any possible combination up to "Tutti" - thus you ́ll feel stimulated to listen carefully to each detail, maybe even to read the score, and you will slowly explore the complexity of a symphonic work!

All groups, such as violins, violas, celli, basses, woodwind, brass and percussion, have been recorded separately... and it ́s completely up to you if and when you let them play their part - YOU ́re the conductor - or should we better say "acoustic explorer"?

Louis Spohr Museum Kassel
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