Drum Table

Not only hyperactive contemporaries are sometimes observed to spend their pastime drumming with their fingers on bars, table tops, steering wheels or - if non of the above are available- their own thighs. - Why not? - Drumming is fun... especially when you do it with great sounds! But it ́s best fun when you do drum sessions as a group!

At the DRUM TABLE, up to four people can act out their groovy feelings together! Eight drum-pads are embedded in the tabletop, so that any person can play with both hands. The resulting ultra-phat drum sounds are stored in 20 different sets with various styles, ranging from Hip Hop through Tekkno to Latin.

As an additional source of inspiration, different rhythm tracks can be played in the background, so that even "Drum Karaoke" is possible! The DRUM TABLE comes with HQ-headphones, but it also connects easily to any PA system or powered speakers!

taken by Sabine Stange
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