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Originally composed as a commissioned work for the First Kasseler Gentlemen’s Evening ( E • K • H • A), the music sticks to the form of a classic Requiem. Analogue Synthesizers mix with ecclesiastical plainchant vocals in Latin language and lyrical saxophone playing. This album offers a gamut of emotions, varying from fragile melodies to Heavy Analogue Sequencing, from sacred moments to vast industrial soundscapes. The Intro and Outro has been composed by Mani Neumeier (GuruGuru) using water percussion instruments.

The CD “REQUIEM” can also be purchased as part of the Art Catalogue Grüße an den Herrenabendby the artist Wolfgang Luh.

In this case, the CD with the musical work is enclosed in a protective sleeve inside the back book cover.

  • ISBN-10: 3945042186
  • ISBN-13: 978-3945042182

Every Monday evening, since April 16, 1984, seven gentlemen have been meeting in the Luh Museum Atelier in Kassel under the banner of the First Kasseler Gentlemen’s Evening ( E • K • H • A). The First Kasseler Gentlemen’s Evening has seven permanent members. Additional so-called guest gentlemen and friends of the E • K • H • A are always welcome. In celebration of its pending 33rd birthday in 2017, the E • K • H • A , in cooperation with  the Rahmenwerkstatt Kassel and pixelgrafie sauerwein,organised this international mail art  project in 2016, and called upon all of its friends and guests from all over the world to be part of it. The title of this project is “ Greetings to the Gentlemen’s Evening”. Participants were asked to design a 1 millimetre thick, 10 x 20 cm grey cardboard rectangle in landscape format,  and to sign and date the image side. On the reverse, the participant was instructed to write the title, the technique, the year, artist’s name and their contact info. Finally the participant sent their   art greeting by snail mail to the First Kasseler Gentlemen’s Evening. 70 Greetings to the   Gentlemen’s Evening arrived at the E • K • H • A and are now the centrepiece of this catalog.

Companies, etc.


Tracks 2-8composed by Wolfram DER Spyra & Roksana Vikaluk

Tracks 1&9 composed by Mani Neumeier


World premiere recording. Limited edition of 1000.

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Pre Scriptum
Kyrie Eleison
Dies Irae
Domine Jesu Christe
Agnus Dei
Lux Aeterna
Post Scriptum
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