inSPYRAtion I

 – feat. Roksana | Groove Unlimited

Wolfram Spyra is a determinant of quality in electronic music. His albums are also the touchstone of all the aesthetics that Spyra adapts to his music. From sequential loops through aesthetics, ambient or electro close. His Virtual Vices series recorded with Pete Namlook was one of the best Fax label releases in history.

The album inSPYRAtion is a recording of a concert from Solingen, on which Wolfram Spyra was vocally assisted by Roksana Vikaluk. In these four long compositions, Spyra moves from sequential loops to ambient spaces. His music, fortunately, does not drown in the depths of boredom.

On the contrary, the very fact of a live performance requires that it bears constant changes. The wonderful voice of Roksana Vikaluk intensifies her nostalgic aura, bringing the sounds closer to the film narrative. A very successful album showing Wolfram Spyra as a romantic with electronic sensibility who does not lose these attributes even in the face of concert challenges.

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