REFUGIUM - Stimmen der Vertriebenen

Refugium is the sound of exile. Using a 12 speaker sound system refugee voices are collaged into a Babel of overlapping testimonies evoking the experience of forced migration in the echoing vastness of the Zionskirche. The positioning of the speakers in the exhibition space and the use of softwares to spatialise sound are intended to create a sonic metaphor for the psychic dislocations associated with migration and refugeehood. The sounds of multiple languages and voices traveling through space, overlapping, clashing, harmonising attempt to give form to the confusions of migrant experience.

The interviews were made in Berlin and Frankfurt(Oder) with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Ukraine. They also include a homeless person from Poland and as an historical reminder the voice of a Jewish exile from Nazi Germany. 

The artists, Adrian Palka (UK) and Wolfram Spyra (DE) are regular collaborators and work on themes of place and identity in multi-media performances and both come from refugees families.

18th of May - 11th of June 2023
Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz 1, Berlin


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