Homelistening is Killing Clubs (re-release 2000)


A welcome re-release of this album which was getting increasingly difficult to get hold of. Actually, it's a lot more then a straight re- release so if you have the original it's still worth investigation. Cosmetically things are radically different with a fresh, minimalist slant to the packaging in contrast to the busy cartoon capers on the original. But the changes are not confined to visuals, the music has been reworked too.

Firstly there's a completely new opening track, a fine piece with Schmoelling style piano and a persistent heavy beat. However, to make way the opener from the original album 'ADSR Z' is sadly missing, a real shame because for me this was one of the highlights of the original album. Perhaps I'm being greedy however, with the album topping the 70 minute mark, and the new track will delight fans who can't get enough Spyra magic. The closing track is a remixed version of 'Future of the Past' and this really is a cracker described as "an analogue remix with additional tape echo and phasing fx". The melody, the sequencing, it's all pure delight. The intervening tracks have been re- ordered slightly (losing the 3 "zone" approach) and a glimpse at the track timing suggests a small amount of pruning to some of the pieces, but there are treasures aplenty here all sounding fresher than ever. The sound quality is completely top notch.

If you haven't got this already, it's essential. If you have, it depends on how much of a completist you want to be. I'm hooked, I'll take both thank you very much.

(GG, Neu Harmony)

Hypersonic Vibes
Inclined Plane
Pedigree Tribe
City of Glass
Subsequent Spaces
Future of the Past (Remix)
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