Strom - Hommage à Willi Ogan

Hommage a Willi Ogan, was one component of a six part sound intervention, "Strom" which explored the theme of Electric Current. This piece was dedicated to a Great Uncle who was known in Franconia for his Light Music works composed on electronic organ for small orchestras. The elements used in this piece, a 50's domestic setting and reel to reel tape recorder, reference the time in which Willi was at his most prolific. A sound collage using fragments of Willi's music, voice and radio pieces is released from a fan heater, establishing a sonic counterpoint to the recorder which blows strands of magnetic tape. This work reflects an ongoing concern with the abstract dimension of electricity and its transformation into audible sound. 

Sound Installation
Fan heater, reel to reel tape recorder, sound collage, furniture.
Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Kassel.
Funded by
Kulturamt Kassel
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