Stille - Bell Tower

Room Installation with sound Location: Breitenau Memorial Museum. The second piece within this 4 part sound installation was located in the bell tower of the monastery. This work comprised 2 separate, but interacting sound systems. Firstly, bass-shakers buried beneath a platform constructed at the foot of the tower, interfaced with a loudspeaker at the top, to produce a standing wave - this having the effect of creating an audible sonic pressure. Secondly, 7 bell-shaped speakers suspended at intervals throughout the height of the tower, emitted a composed sound track combining be11 harmonics, alienated cello tones and reversed fragments of a speech in which Hitler pro-pounds his views on the fate of 'the mentally disabled'. The loudspeakers were selected for the harshness of their sound quality.

Commissioned and funded by
LWV, Hessen
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