We had to wait more than a year before we could finally open the wWw Gallery in Frankfurt(Oder)! But it was worth the wait, because we are presenting an exhibition that combines photography and sound art in a very special way:

Classic black and white photographs by Berlin photographer Gerd Pilz, which are mainly created by analogue means (exposure, film, paper, chemicals, experiments), are musically interpreted by composed sounds, which are realised by sound artist Wolfram Spyra by likewise analogue sound generators (generators, tape, filters, metal instruments)! The result will be presented - optically, haptically and acoustically - to a small audience in compliance with the Corona distance rules.

In addition to the photographic exhibits, a small collection of historical cameras, light meters, lenses, filters and phototechnical laboratory equipment from the GDR photo studio Gangelmayer in Calau will be presented in a kind of mixture of laboratory situation and museum presentation.

The opening happened Sat, 10.7.2021 from 17.00h and on Sun, 11.7.2021 from 14.00h. Musical entertainment was provided by the Folktronica Duo "Moon&Melody" (Roksana Vikaluk & Wolfram Spyra).


Photography and Sound, Video Projection
wWw - Gallery, Frankfurt(Oder)
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