Yes, our hero is back with his second release on the FAX label. The CD is packaged in that strange “back to front” style which a few CDs have employed recently, and Wolfram der Spyra is pictured amongst a plethora of ageing radio-related hardware. The track titles look suitably “off the wall” so it’s time to settle down for 74 minutes of Spyra generated chill-out coolness, and it’s evident from the early exchanges that Spyra is in particularly relaxed form. The rhythms are chugging and the keys are caressed to produce laid back melodics which are offset with choice radio effects. Ghostly female vocal samples drift through the title piece accompanied by samples both textural and subliminal. The pace is quickened for the marvellously titled ‘10(-12)’ (ie 10 to the power -12). Insistent rhythms play host to some scorching lead lead lines picked out on what sounds like Hammond B3. The combination of 90’s rhythms and 70’s timbres is fascinating indeed. ‘Crossing the Channel’ delivers 16 mins of trade mark bass sequences and a divinely simple yet catchy collection of melodics. ‘Vinyl vs Cards’ is probably the highlight of the album, bringing to mind the heady heights of ‘Future of the Past’ with infectious sequences and drifting pads. Vinyl crackle and oblique sampling add to the mix, and yet again Spyra rubber stamps an album of sublime intelligence. (GG)

Mechanic Piano
10-12 Meters
Gentle Machines
Crossing the Channel
Vinyl vs. Cards
Voltage Controlled Piano
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