artistic biography of wolfram der spyra (* 1964)
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performance, invention or exhibition referred to within this website
release on compact disc referred to within this website
1986 - 92 study of free arts at the h b k college of art, kassel
1986 metall . basalt - performance, galerie zorro, kassel
1988 denkwürdigkeiten eines nervenkranken - composition of music for a theatre-performance, kassel
composition of music for several performances of the artist natascha fiala
1989 ausflug zur dämmerung - performance, schaufenstergalerie, kassel
musica povera - music- and text - performance with bernd friedmann and tim matthieson as part of the exhibition kunststudenten stellen aus, moderne galerie, saarbrücken
steine -performance within the context of the retirement of the g h k - president, gießhaus, kassel
1990 wenn - performance, produzentengalerie, kassel
1991 nachrichten - klanginstallation, kirchweg 15, kassel
build of a sound studio at the h b k, kassel
hunger kunst hunger - group - exhibition , halle k 18, kassel
1992 completing the free arts study with the degree dissertation klangerzeugung, klangkomposition, klangskulptur (sound generation, sound composition, sound sculpture)
lectureship at the h b k college of art, kassel
1. kasseler kunstmarkt - organisation of the eexhibition
hush hour - sound installation in a parking house as part of the sculpture exhibition platz da (documenta - support programme)
fisch / schiff - sound installation, ms ger jea, kassel
panakustikum - individual exhibition of sound sculptures within the context of the documenta IX support programme
winner of the award kasseler kulturförderpreises
winner of the wolfgang zippel - award with the artist group platz da
bath - sound installation, dock 4, kassel
etherlands - outdoor sound installation with antennas as part of the exhibition zeitbrücken, mühlhausen
1993 the park -sound installation, cultural fair kassel, dock 4
composition and realisation of music for the lecture ofe windi winderlich, kongreß der luxus und seine verpackung, hotel 4 jahreszeiten, münchen
nachtmusik - sound installation, salzmann factory, kassel
composition of a modern dance piece for the company tanz form, kassel
hospital - sound installation, hospital church, treysa
klangbleche - concert and sound installation in the gasgebläsehalle der völklinger hütte as part of the festivals schichtwechsel, saarbrücken / völklingen
nr. 7 - sound installation in a hotel room as part of the international art project transit, hotel hessenland, kassel
stiftskirche und roßgang - 2 environmental sound installations as part of the kaufunger kulturtage
1994 stille - 4 sound installations,gedenkstätte breitenau (breitenau memorial)
roßgang 2 - the sound installation is being bought by the mining museum, kaufungen
sound factory - sound installations in the club aufschwung ost, kassel
the queen of instruments has left the country -sound installation in the city-church of hessisch - lichtenau (finissage of the exhibition höhenflug + flügelschlag from elke teuber - s. and ruth ullenboom)
p.a.s.s. - portable ambient sound system -(Interactive sound installation. P.A.S.S. - units were hired out to visitors by the documenta - archiv, allowing them to use the system for soundwalks through the city
1995 farbrauschen - exhibition with the finnish artist helena rytkönen, galerie studio kausch, kassel
live concert with klangbleche (metal sound sheets) at the computer-fair combit , kassel
kunstwald - live concert at the art festival in herne
live-konzert within the context of the love - parade in berlin
several concerts in the chillout of the techno-club aufschwung ost, kassel (also 1996 / 97/ 98)
exhibition of the klangbleche at the hessentag in schwalmstadt
strom - exhibition of 220 volt - objects in the salzmann factory, kassel
homelistening is killing clubs - release of the first solo - cd (hyperium / wigwam)
1996 r. u. n. - composition of the music for the theatre piece r. u. n. - risiken und nebenwirkungen of michael seyfried and oliver nitsche, theatre erlangen
odyssee - group exhibition, documenta - halle, kassel
quest - composition of music for the animation film quest by stellmach / montgomery. in 1997 the film wins the oscar - award in the category animation film
diverse live - concerts, e.g. at the festivals waterworld, koblenz, auerworld, bad sulza, and escape from samsara, london
realisation of the soundtrack for an animation film by parvis safadel
composition of music for the cd - rom china - im reich der sonne, publisher nova media
1997 schall und rauch - two sound installations of the type portable ambient sound system (p a s s ) for a sound-exhibition for children in the kongreßhalle berlin
p a s s in space - 30 pass - systems are bought by the firm reemtsma (west)
das büro -realisation of the soundtrack for a short film by joachim bode (mtv)
phonehead - release of the 2nd solo - cd (plus vinyl-maxi) at fax - records, frankfurt

my little garden of sounds - sound exhibition and live concerts as part of the documenta X support programme
my little garden of sounds - release of the 3rd solo - cd within the context of the exhibition of the same name

kulturbahnhof - several sound sculptures from the little garden of sounds are shown at the kulturbahnhof, kassel
the akustischer stadtplan - (acoustic city map) is bought by the city of kassel and exhibited at the town hall
future of the past -release of the 4th solo - cd at manikin records, berlin
schall und rauch - the exhibition (s.o.) is shown in vienna
1998 schall und rauch - the exhibition (s.o.) is shown in mailand
solar system - sound installation as part of the atelierrundgang, neuer kasseler kunstverein
sferics - release of the 5th solo - cd at fax records, frankfurt
le jardin - participation in the exhibition and diverse live - performances at the stockwell-studios, the vauxhall st. peter's heritage center, the beaconsfield gallery and the i.c.a. (institute of contemporary arts), london
round tables - the sound installation is being bought by the allianz-versicherung, frankfurt
kassels akustischer stadtplan release of a cd with the sounds of the acoustic city map of kassel

virtual vices - release of a cd in collaboration with pete namlook at fax-records, frankfurt
1999 die blinden von kilcrobally - composition of music for a theatre piece, staatsatheater kassel
etherlands- release of the 6th solo -cd at fax records, frankfurt
vauxhall soundmap - acoustic city map vauxhall - order of an acoustic city map for the london district vauxhall
acoustic city maps budapest & frankfurt - the acoustic citymaps of both partnership towns are shown in the kunsthalle schirn, frankfurt
jump - o - phone - construction of an interactive sound - and - light - instrument
weltglockengeläut - dj - livemix of music and sounds of bells from all over the world (via internet & telephone), apolda
e - live - - live concert at one of the most important festivals for electronic music in europe, nijmegen (netherlands)
fliegender wechsel, group- exhibition at the kunsttempel, kassel
2000 dj und live - act at the liquid millenium celebration, liquid sound, bad sulza
build and move to af a new sound studio in kassel
composition of an 8 - channel - music-soundcollage for yadegar assisi´s hanse-panorama
komposition of midi - files for a cd - rom with projectsof the expo 2000
live performance with adrian palka and dancers of the coventry university at the opening of the summer show at stockwell studios, london
group - exhibition funkhaus, dresden
exhibition klangbleche and several live-performances in croatia
live-concert (steel cello and electronics) with bob rutman, architekturfakultät, berlin
virtual vices II -- release of a cd in collaboration with pete namlook at fax records, frankfurt
live-concert in berlin (2nd space trance tronic night, lichterfelde)
live-performance with the russian sound-poet valeri scherstjanoi, leipziger literarischer herbst
2001 performance with scherstjanoi at the festival musica viva (joseph anton riedl), gasteig münchen
construction of technical sound-units for the friedensmuseum (peace museum), lindau im bodensee

composition of sound-tracks for mtv spots by lichthof/stellmach
kick the bucket - installation und performance in collaboration with adrian palka as a part of the exhibition carambolage, kunsttempel, kassel
live-performance with valeri scherstjanoi, steffen moddrow and f.w. block, kasseler museumsnacht
treib.gut - les sons démocratiques - concert and performance museumsnacht, kassel
the presence of the sun - installation und video - live - performance with andreas stolkmann, bastion kunst, kassel
live performance at the opening of millennium - tage, kassel
kassel am meer: participation in the group-exhibition with a new version of the klangbleche (incl. a 7-channel-composition) and the work round table, fridericianum kassel

live performance with adrian palka at the opening of wiedervorlage d5, an exhibition in the context of the 40th anniversary of the documenta - archive, fridericianum kassel
konzert für querflöte und 4 k(ettensägen) performance with christiane winning, dr. f.w. block, m. hess, u. duttenhofer
elevator to heaven release of a 3-cd-box (7th solo -project) at manikin records, berlin
presentation of the round table at the symposium labyrinth des hörens, villa clementine, wiesbaden
virtual vices III - release of a cd in collaboration with pete namlook at fax records, frankfurt
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